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Tested and Certified Custom Flame Retardants for OEMs and Appliers

Flame retardant solutions in specification, on time.

A flame retardant industry leader for over two decades, PyroTech manufactures and distributes flame retardant chemicals and coatings in the United States and throughout the world.

Our principal product areas include intumescent industrial coatings, flame retardant additives, saturants, and treatments.  We have existing, on the shelf, flame retardants for many substrates which have been successfully tested to standard tests such as ASTM-E84, UL 701, MVSS 302, TAPPI 461 — many U.S. Military, NFPA, FAA and UL standards.  Flame retardants are directly related to a specific substrate and specific flame retardant standard.  In some situations a standard flame retardant coating or saturant will need adjustment to be effective and efficient.  As the manufacturer, we do this on a regular basis.  In addition, we test the flame retarded substrate to the required standard to achieve the most effective and efficient level of application.  This work facilitates testing by an outside third party testing agency like UL and makes it more efficient.  We do this without charge as lives and property are serious business.

We are significant suppliers of flame retardants into a wide variety of applications including paper, textiles, upholstery, synthetic felts, foam air filters, automotive, aircraft, plastics, wood, building materials, exhibit/trade show booths and flame retardant packaging.

In addition, we assist customers with engineering the optimal application method which is essential to the flame retardant process.  We regularly complete applications at various loading levels to develop the most efficient and effective level of coating, saturant, or additive required to meet the requisite flame retardant standard.

Have a look around — and remember, our specialty is custom-engineered solutions.  If you don't think you've found a product that addresses your exact needs, please call us to discuss your situation.  Or, you can send us substrate  samples for application and testing.

For an idea of what basic information PyroTech needs to create a custom engineered flame retardant solution for your application, please look at our needs assessment process.

Page Last Edited: Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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