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PyroBreak EX-8 Technical Data Sheet

PyroBreak EX8 is a water based, clear, flame retardant. It contains a water resistant and U/V stable latex polymer and a special wetting agent to increase the rate of penetration of the product into substrates such as paper, paperboard, wood, and natural fibers.


  1. White liquid. Sweet odor.
  2. Dries clear and odorless.

Typical Properties

Weight/gallon: 9.6 ± 0.2 pounds
Brookfield viscosity: 10 cps
pH: 6.6 ± 0.2
Solids: 52 % ± 1.0%

Surface Preparation

To prepare the surface for application of PyroBreak EX8 several steps should be taken to gain maximum penetration and adhesion to the surface.

  1. The surface should be free of any dirt, dust, or oils. If applied to paper and paperboard products, penetration rate should be checked. Highly sized materials may affect penetration and reduce performance.
  2. Wood, plywood, or particle board surfaces should be clean, sanded, and unpainted. The product should not be applied to previously painted or varnished surfaces unless they have been stripped and sanded.


PyroBreak EX8 may be applied by spray, dip, roller or brush. The amount of PyroBreak EX8 required will depend on the application and fire retardant specifications.

Application by spray, roller, or brush methods are suitable, but not limited to, thin open porous materials that are readily saturated or easily penetrated. Other substrate materials that are not as easily saturated may tend to achieve a topical coating.

If additional protection is required, several coats may be required. Each coat should be allowed to dry for approximately one hour or until a tack-free feel is achieved. The drying time will be dependent on the coating thickness, substrate absorbtion rate, and atmospheric conditions, i.e., temperature, humidity.

If applying by spray, a low pressure spray system (HVLP) must be used to decrease tip clogging caused by fluid shear. HVLP, High Volume Low Pressure, spray system is an application system where large volumes of air at low pressures are used to atomize the coating fan stream. When this system is used, a larger spray tip is required and thus lower fluid pressures are needed.

Application by dipping is most suitable for maximum saturation of the substrate of relatively closed pore material such as wood. The amount of penetration will depend on the submersion time in the PyroBreak EX8 bath and the density of the substrate. After submersion, allow material to dry for approximately twenty-four hours. If additional fire retardant protection is required, an additional top coat, following the above method, can be applied after drying.

Clean all equipment immediately following application using warm water and a mild detergent.

NOTE: While PyroBreak EX8 functions extremely well on many substrates, it must be tested for each application. The buyer accepts liability for determining whether the product is suitable for the buyer's intended use.


The product is available in 5-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums.
It should not be repackaged without consulting FRC Technologies.


PyroBreak EX8 should be stored at temperatures above 36 F and below 120 F. The product should not be frozen; it cannot be reconstituted if frozen.

Handling and Use

Wear a protective mask, rubber gloves and safety goggles to avoid potential skin or eye irritation when applying. While PyroBreak EX8 is non-toxic, the product may cause skin irritation in certain individuals.

The product should be stirred before application. Avoid rapid mixing to prevent foaming.

Clean all equipment immediately following use with warm water and a mild detergent.

Safety and First Aid

PyroBreak EX8 contains no solvents or hazardous components. The following procedures should be followed when using the product:

  1. Use proper breathing apparatus to protect from misting when spray applying.
  2. Use rubber gloves and eye protection when handling the product.
  3. Flush eyes with water for at least 15 minutes if product contacts them. If irritation continues, seek medical attention.
  4. Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. If skin irritation occurs, seek medical attention.
  5. Induce vomiting and seek medical attention if product is swallowed.

Page Last Edited: Monday, March 29, 2021

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