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PyroCide II Technical Data Sheet

PyroCide II is a flame retardant intumescent coating comprised of an intumescent system in a water resistant polymer latex. It provides excellent flame retardancy to a variety of substrate without degrading or altering them in either their active or passive state.


1. White liquid. Very slight, mild odor.
2. Dries to an odorless, opaque, cream-colored, medium-smoothness finish.

Typical Properties

Weight/gallon: 11 ± 0.2 lbs.
Viscosity: 2,500 ± 500 cps (Brookfield, #3 at 12 rpm)
Solids: 61% ± 1%
pH: 8.1 ± 0.2


PyroCide II is applied by spray, dip, roller, or brush. It imparts excellent flame retardancy to paperboard and paperboard products, including:

Product Benefits

Fibrous substrates coated with PyroCide II experience markedly improved flame retardancy. Specific flame retardancy ratings are available from the manufacturer.

When exposed to high temperature or flames, PyroCide II bubbles and foams into a thick, non-flammable, multi-cellular, carbonaceous char layer which insulates the fuel source (protected material) from heat while also restricting the flow of oxygen to the fuel source. The coating reacts with itself to form an insulative, foamed char barrier. This is distinctly different from salt-based flame retardants which must partially decompose the “protected” material to limit flame spread.

Specific product benefits include the following:

  1. PyroCide II provides markedly improved flame retardancy to protected substrates.
  2. PyroCide II does not affect the physical properties of the protected material.
  3. PyroCide II does not wash off or dissolve. It is non-leachable.
  4. PyroCide II may be pigmented.

NOTE: While PyroCide II functions extremely well on many materials, it does not provide flame retardancy to every fibrous substrate. The buyer accepts liability for determining whether the product is suitable for the buyer's intended use.


The product is available in 5-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums.
It should not be repackaged without consulting PyroTech.



PyroCide II is also PERISHABLE WHEN EXPOSED TO SUSTAINED TEMPERATURES OF OVER 120 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT. Appropriate storage precautions should be taken.

Handling and Use

Wear protective mask, gloves, and safety goggles to avoid potential nasal, throat, skin, or eye irritation while applying the product by spray. While it is non-toxic, the product may cause skin irritation in certain individuals.

Stir PyroCide II before use to re-disperse its components.
DO NOT SHAKE — foaming may result.

Clean all equipment immediately following use with warm water and mild detergent. Once dry PyroCide II is not water soluble, resists most solvents and acids. Strong alkalis will react with the coating to give off ammonia.

Clean immediately with an absorbent if PyroCide II is spilled.

Safety And First Aid

PyroCide II contains no solvents or hazardous chemical components. The following procedures, though, should be followed when using the product:

  1. Use proper breathing apparatus to protect from misting when product is applied with a sprayer.
  2. Flush eyes with water for at least 15 minutes if product contacts them. If irritations occurs, seek medical attention.
  3. Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water if product contacts it. If skin irritation occurs, seek medical attention.
  4. Induce vomiting and seek medical attention if product is swallowed.

Application Data

A Class A fire rating (flame spread of 25 or less - ASTM E-84) is achieved when PyroCide II is applied to Douglas fir, plywood, and oriented strand board. The application rate is two coats of PyroCide II at one gallon per 150 square feet per coat. This is approximately 8 mils per wet coat or 4 mils per dry coat.

Surface Preparation

Surface must be free of grease, dirt, rust, and loose or powdery paint. Before applying PyroCide II to a previously painted or treated substrate, users should verify that bonding compatibility exists. PyroCide II has excellent adhesive properties, but those characteristics vary with different types and thicknesses of paints, varnishes, resins, et cetera.

Recoating or topcoating of PyroCide II with any other paint or coating will change the fire ratings. If a topcoating is required, consult PyroTech for specific recommendations.

Application Method

Apply by brush, roller, flat applicator or spray. Full, even coats must be applied to the mil thickness required. Conventional or air assisted airless spray equipment may be used. When using spray equipment, apply in even strokes to the specified film thickness build-up. NOTE: coverage figures do not include spray loss.


The coating must be thoroughly mixed before using.


Thinning of the product is NOT RECOMMENDED. If thinning has to be done, use a minimum amount of water (½ pint/gallon). If thinning is done, remember it may affect the flame spread rating unless the proper dry mil thickness is built up.

Drying Time

Drying time depends on temperature, humidity, and degree of air movement. Generally the coating will dry to touch in 30 minutes. To recoat, it is recommended that the coating be allowed to dry for one hour.

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