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Needs Assessment Process

PyroTech markets primarily to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The company is founded on a research, development and testing strategy that responds quickly to the demands of customers.

While PyroTech owns and markets a product line of flame retardant chemicals and formulations, it is the adaptation of these fire retardant systems to the specifications of OEMs that distinguishes PyroTech.

PyroTech products have been successfully tested and applied in many demanding situations. The products meet many U.S. Military, ASTME, NFPA, FAA, MVSS and UL Standards.

PyroTech markets a wide range of products. Many times we can specify a product or make a simple modification to an existing product and meet the requested flame retardant specifications.

Otherwise PyroTech has developed a process for solving the most challenging fire retardant problems quickly and efficiently.

This process involves the following steps:

  1. Complete technical interview with the client (see following list of interview topics).
  2. Complete technical review with PyroTech product development team.
  3. If we reach agreement that the application is suitable to PyroTech technology and expertise, we proceed to sign non-disclosure agreements between PyroTech and the client company.
  4. PyroTech will then collaborate with the client on developing a product that meets the technical specifications of the customer (including price point). Sometimes PyroTech will get involved in developing technical specifications for final product manufactured by the client company.
  5. PyroTech will also collaborate on the application engineering and the "scale-up" process. This might mean that PyroTech will send applications specialists to the client's plant and work with the client's process engineers on the best methods for applying PyroTech products. We will recommend application levels and design a process for determining that the PyroTech product has been properly applied.

PyroTech will not charge for any of this work. But the company does expect to become the supplier of the final fire retardant product (at a price that has been agreed upon in early discussions). Price point is one of the key factors in determining the suitability of an application for the PyroTech technology and process.

Please fill out the Needs Assessment Form completely, and a PyroTech representative will contact you after a preliminary evaluation of your expressed needs.

Page Last Edited: Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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