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Why Use Flame Retardants

Every day we are in constant contact with materials that combust (burn) — wood, paper, plastic, fabrics and even metals. When theses materials burn out of control, we, our families and coworkers are at significant risk. Flames and smoke are killers.

Over the years, federal, state and local authorities have developed and enforced codes to reduce the fire hazards of materials and their structures. Laboratories world wide are continually fire testing materials and structures to make sure they meet these fire codes.

Research has shown that the burning characteristics of materials and structures can be significantly reduced through the application of certain chemical systems called flame retardants. It is possible through the use of flame retardants to meet fire safety codes without having to replace an existing material with a non-combustible material which might be economically unfeasible.

Page Last Edited: Monday, March 29, 2021

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